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A dirivitive of the word cute, it describes people as being impish, sweet and damn right adorable. Though it can also suggest that such appearances can be decieving.
*OMG i thought Amanda was kewt, but then she stabbed me!*
by Jewelia December 10, 2004

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Parrot eating occurs after murdering someone... it is a term from the pagemaster It refers to the contex "Kill him and eat his parrot," if you add this onto the end of a threat it becomes either more servere or more jokingly.
"Lets kill him and eat his parrot!" says one pirate to another as he stabs the man in question through the chest.

"OHHH Dani is gonna kill you, she is gonna kill you and eat your parrot!" says Julia to Maddie after hearing Maddie tell Kathleen Dani's secret.
by Jewelia December 13, 2004

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the path of destruction for the world, people think they are developing the world with their buildings and toxic waste? no they are inevitibly destroying their own creation. With them comes Armagedon and (world war III)these people also rape and pillage. one good example of this is Hitler... could be seen as posessed by the devil... they appear in everyday life, they steal your money, friends, and are often rude though they dont care much!
*Kathy has been shot by her best friend*
Kathy's best friend is an evil person
by Jewelia December 10, 2004

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