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Drugs Rule Everything Around Me
DREAM! get the powder! drink another beer yall....
by Jevir June 13, 2008
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1. for real

2."I mean it"

from Nas One Love

So stay civilised, time flies
Though incarcerated your minds eye
I hate it when your mom cries
It kinda wants to make me murder, for rilla
I've even got a mask and gloves to bust slugs for one love
by Jevir July 18, 2008
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The exploitation of the actions, or thought process of a culture of people who smoke marijuana.
"movies like 'Half-Baked' are Potsploitation! smoking is a way of life. we don't act like that!"

because of Potsploitation, everyone at work thinks that i'm stupid, and thinks that If I ever get hungry, I have "the munchies"
by Jevir April 26, 2008
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a serious talk between mammals (not necessarily of the same species)
"when I came home to find my shoes chewed up, I had to sit down and have a serious mammal to mammal with my dog"
by Jevir June 13, 2008
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making out with food in mouth(s)
"I had just taken a bite when she leaned in, it was hot mama bird baby bird axion!"
by Jevir June 21, 2008
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1. A tattoo found typically on women in the lower back area, directly above her ass. Standard SDLP's are tribal, and are often acquired during a drunken spring break (hence san diego) this is also very common in beach (party) communities. very often, SDLP's are poorly done, and as a result, are bumpy where the ink went too deep, and pearled where the ink didn't go deep enough

2. also known as tramp stamp , ass antlers , and california license plate although, I personally would never reference Norcal, because Norcal women are classy, and don't get ghetto beach tattoos, and/or listen to jimmy buffet , and G. Love and Special Sauce
"yeah, trish definitely has a bangin body, but her san diego license plate is trashy. I'm almost embarrassed to be seen with her in a bikini"
by Jevir July 18, 2008
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short for "discography"

blogger slang for the entire collection of released EP's by any musical artist (typically downloaded for free)
"have you ever heard of Frank Zappa? I havn't, but I just got his disco, i'll check it out later..."
by Jevir July 10, 2008
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