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(1) A generic sexual bodypart.
(2) A generic carpart.
(3) A term used to trick people that don't know much about sex or cars.
(1) Dude, I think I sprained my kanuter valve when I lost it on the handrail.
(2) Sorry ma'am, we're gonna have to replace the whole kanuter valve, and the one that fits your car is mighty expensive.
(3) Hey Chris, know what a kanuter valve is?
by Jeth June 06, 2005

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A fictional character who consumes anything and everything edible. See: butter troll
You eat lard straight from the bucket, The King of Town? Wow, you're a real butter troll. Put that frickin' sandwich down.
by Jeth June 05, 2005

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The utmost exclamation of joy.
I just partook of sexual intercourse with an attractive female celebrity... SQUEEEEEEE!!!
by Jeth June 06, 2005

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Acronym: "Get Rid Of It"

Action verb, usually a command. To finally dispose of something kept around the house, of low value or infrequent use, which otherwise might be sold at a garage sale.
A: Is that my old Spice Girls cassette? Groi! Groi!
B: We haven't used these chopsticks since you found out that MSG gave you migraines. Groi?
by Jeth June 06, 2005

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A snackfood can be called this when it is so scrumptious that it may have distraction hazards.
Vice President Cheney, these salted twisty bread snacks are WMDlicious... what are they call- *chokes*
by Jeth May 21, 2006

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The untmost elite of newbies. The omninoob. Probably grew up really sheltered. One lacking in common sense or culture to the degree that he/she could be classified as being "skilled like ninja" at being a greenhorn. The proverbial 40-year-old virgin.
You don't know how to pump gas? You've never heard of Bruce Campbell? You've never played spin the bottle?? You're such a green ninja!
by Jeth August 23, 2005

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The orifice where feek is located. Fecally, the ass. Fuckally, the vagina.
Either way, it's slang for a person with their head lodged in their own.
You're so full of feeking feek, you feeking FEEKHOLE.
by Jeth June 06, 2005

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