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I hate it when people call Co&CA an emo band because they're not. You dont hear them singing about breaking up or how much they hate their parents do you? Their true musical genre is (deny if you want but it wont change the truth) Alternative metal,Indie pop/rock. So before you start talking shit about Coheed and Cambria, think to yourself- a million other people out there are dissing (badly) your favorite band as well.
If you hate Co&CA, you can blow me
by Jeremy Dehart November 29, 2004

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The Coheed and Cambria logo that looks like three circles with a triangle. In the story it is what keeps the 78 planetary systems aligned
I couldnt draw the triangle but if you were a true coheed and cambria fan you would know what i mean
by Jeremy Dehart December 07, 2004

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The best damn thing that the man has EVER created. All these "Truth" adds can fuck off becasuse in reality ciggs have kept my girlfriend alive because if she quit then her blood sugar would get all fucked up.
Give me some cigarettes before I kick this guys ass.
by Jeremy Dehart July 08, 2006

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The sound that Arnold Swartzeneggar makes when he is either frustrated or having gut-wrenching sex
DUAHOO- What are we going to do?
by Jeremy Dehart April 19, 2005

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One of the greatest local bands from North Carolina
I'm not in it but I see them all the time
by Jeremy Dehart April 18, 2005

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the most overrated guitar player in the world. Any band with slash as the guitarist is sure to get recongnized. If you put slash with n'sync, metalheads across the globe would pay to see n'sync.
Hi, Im slash the most overated guitar player in the world
by Jeremy Dehart December 10, 2004

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A band formed in 1995 by future Coheed & Cambria bandmates Claudio Sanchez and Michael Todd. My favorite song by them is cassiopia. **Very underground in my opinion**
Shabutie was better than Coheed & Cambria
by Jeremy Dehart April 20, 2005

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