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A synonym for going mental. Literally, a state of flux, as in the multiball stage of a pinball game, wherein the player must keep two or more balls in play. See also: multiball, multitasking.
The company project is due tomorrow! I am totally going multiball!
by Jenn Frank September 9, 2005
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Noun. Mouth, i.e., the hole you ought to be using for eating (pie). From the British slang, cake-hole.
Shut your pie-hole! Seriously, man, just stop talking!
by Jenn Frank September 8, 2005
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1) The external urethral orifice. In men, also the orifice through which sperm is ejaculated.
2) A location where one urinates. Connotatively, this location is not an established facility for whizzing, but instead a "found" location. A very rudimentary outhouse.
3) A startling variant of pie-hole.
1) I have a burning sensation in and around my pee-hole.
2) The porta-potty was totally rank, so I found a nice pee-hole in that foliage over there.
3) Dude, shut your pee-hole.
by Jenn Frank September 8, 2005
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Noun. Mouth, i.e. the orifice one ought to be using for eating cake rather than talking shit. From the British slang cakehold, a vulgarity in the 50s or 60s. Now recognized as a very juvenile colloquialism. See also pie-hole.
Shut your cake-hole, or I will shut it for you!
by Jenn Frank September 8, 2005
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n. The sense of anxiety, sketch, voyeurism, or general sneakiness that one derives from googling an acquaintance or person-of-interest.

Can also be applied to the strange and guilty feeling one has when deliberately seeking out information on a guilty pleasure (slash fiction, cosplay, a fansite, or Sheryl Crow, for instance). Alternately, it might mean the sneaky feeling one gets when reading the myspace profile or friendster page of an acquaintance, former classmate, or coworker.
"I met this really cool dude in the Laundro-Rama, but I felt so sketch and skeevy when I googled him later. Major googleguilt."
by Jenn Frank March 6, 2006
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Noun. Underage, usually female, potential sex partner. Although she is a hot piece of ass, banging her might lead to twenty years jail time, as this would constitute statutory rape. -- Slang derived from 16 will get you 20. Synonyms: jailbait, lolita
Step off that 1620, man, she's jailbait.
by Jenn Frank September 8, 2005
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Noun. The host of a party who can't stop cleaning up after his guests for one single moment to just chillax. Like a dustpan following just behind a broom to collect the dust. Also: "dustpanning"; "to follow LIKE a dustpan"; "to follow WITH a dustpan"
Ned: I thought the party was cool, but every time I started eating the nachos, Ben kept following me like a dustpan.
Steve: Straight up. Ben's usually chill, but last night he was a total dustpan.
by Jenn Frank September 9, 2005
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