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Usually occurs the morning after snorting some bad blow. The environment around you compresses in and out and makes that Godawful "womping" noise. We've all done it.
I did that line of brown snow off the urinal lastnigh. It was brutal. When i was driving home this morning I had a gnarly case of the Womps, it felt like my brain was an astrojump.
by Jayfl!p April 24, 2009
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to have sex with someone who's married to someone else. refers to the NFL rule of tampering, when a team negotiates contract talks with a player already on another teams roster.
Guy1: dude, i totally banged that married chick lastnight!

Guy2: dude, that's full on tampering. not cool.
by JayFl!p April 24, 2009
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another way of expressing someone is being "whipped" in their relationship. Refers to the famous scene in "Roots" when Kunta Kinte was getting whipped for refusing the "slavename" of Toby...and also that stupid hat he wears.
Johnny: Hey buddy Andrew, wanna go out and get drinks tonight?

buddy Andrew: I...can't...gonna hang out with the lady

Johnny: Wearing that Kunta Cap strong I see
by JayFl!p April 24, 2009
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The opposite of Pillow Talk, where as when ejaculation occurs, instead of getting to know your partner's feelings, ambitions, name etc, you quickly find your clothes and bail before things get weird.
Doug: dude, how was that chick you left the bar with lastnight?

Ray: I dunno. I was super over it and Pillow Walked as soon as I came.
by JayFl!p April 24, 2009
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