5 definitions by Jasd

The process of having a surgical needle precisely hammered into your eye to become more intelligent.
John had solelobute last week because his grades were failing in class.
by Jasd September 19, 2019
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A black person that murders his own race for the sole purpose of hating his/her own race
"Tim did u see danny in the news he's a fucking negro hegro".
by Jasd March 16, 2021
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"Tim did u see Danny on the news he killed a random black guy! He's such a negro hegro."
by Jasd March 16, 2021
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The forbidden grade that you receive when you know you are a fukking idiot and didn't revise or even listen to anything or anyone and probably have been adopted by a bunch of nonces
Jerry had a bad assessment and got a Z-.
by Jasd September 27, 2019
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To be someone that is interesting, cool and charming but also at the same time being mysterious and hard to figure out
Hey, Hellen the new guy James over there seems so Solistic as he's so fun to hangout with but has not really shown anything.
by Jasd January 27, 2021
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