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POBOBThe Pissed Off Bastards Of Bloomington, referred to as the POBOB MC, and are one of the first motorcycle clubs in existence. The POBOB MC was established in 1947, and they are still together today, but are now referred to as the Pissed Off Bastards Of Berdoo MC. The First Hells Angels Chapter emerged in 1948 when the POBOB's took on the name HELLS ANGELS in San Bernardino. The POBOB’S played an intergral role in the Hollister incident, on which the movie "THE WILD ONE" was based, staring Marlon Brando. The club is still in existence today, with a very select group of members.
POBOB MC - Pissed Off Bastards Of Berdoo
by jammer December 16, 2004

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To become incredibly intoxicated, synonomous with crazy or out of control
Let's get hyphey tonight and have a massive dance party
by Jammer March 11, 2005

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the opposite of frontal.
I got a great backal when she exited the pool.
by jammer March 01, 2005

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