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1) The state of being in your natural uncovered state.

2) A word Niggers have trouble saying, often pronounced 'nekid'
1) "I often sit in the tree in my backyard, to look at my neighbours hot wife naked"

"The tree seemed bare, and naked without any foliage."

2) "Yo, G I was bangin ma hoe last night dawg, when her momma walked in and saw me 'nekid'."
by James_m February 01, 2008
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Being swindled by a tinder match...
You swipe right, get a match, say some cool ass sexy shit that gets them wet/hard and organize a late night meet only to get out there and realize that:
Pics are old as shit
They've gained A Lot of weight
Shit was seriously photoshopped
They are the wrong gender
I thought I had a hot match on tinder but when I got out there He was a She....damn, man swindered again. (I did it anyway...it's tinder).
by james_m October 29, 2014
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Same as a normal sock surprise, however, it is done with a used sock and going commando. The resulting odor can be used as either an aphrodisiac or as a way to disorientate your new friend.
guy 1: Did you pull off that sock surprise last night?
guy 2: You bet!...but I did a dirty sock surprise. As soon as I pulled that magic out and she caught a whiff, it was as if candles lit the room and kenny g played played a single breath solo...she didn't care about the size of my penis anymore, love was in the air!
by james_m October 29, 2014
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(verb) The act of placing a sock in your crotch area to simulate a rather large penis. You then head out to the clubs (or wherever) and grind on girls who then presume you are sporting a rather nice/large package. Upon bringing one home, as she begins to unbutton your pants, you brush her hand away...reach down to grab the sock out of your pants and (gently) whap it across her face while saying "sock surprise! bitch! I've got a small penis, now let's do it!"
- See also Dirty Sock Surprise
guy 1: Dude! that chick was hot last night...how'd you get her home?
guy 2: Peacock quality display, man...then I nailed her with a sock surprise!
by james_m October 29, 2014
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