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When a normally calm person has to raise their voice and use an authortative tone. It is the equivalent to using the caps lock key in the digital world.
Sara tried to get an attitude with me yesterday and I had to turn on my caps lock voice and put her in check.

Chris was being run over at work, so Jason told him it was time to turn on his caps lock voice.
by JalWilly June 04, 2009
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Saggy boobs on a woman that look like an orangutan's.
"Hey John! Check out that woman over there not wearing a bra! It's real, live tangs!"
by JalWilly April 16, 2009
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When you present a hole that resembles 20 years ago. It could be via anal sex, mouth, or when a woman gets a few extra stitches after childbirth.
For John and Denise's 20th anniversary, she decided to let her guard down and give him entrance to her pussy time machine.

After Janine had her 3rd child, Mike slipped the doc a Benjamin to administer the pussy time machine and throw in a few extra stitches.
by JalWilly June 14, 2016
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The study of people who do not trust technology. These people (Techo: combination of tech echo) are known for following up an e-mail by phoning, ostensibly to "see if you got it," but are echoing the exact contents of the e-mail, thus rendering it redundant and annoying the shit out of you.
Jamie: Have you seen that recent report from Geek Weekly about the Techonolgy 101 class at MIT?

Sara: No, but I'd be interested in finding out why people insist on asking me if I got their e-mail. Unless there is a massive system failure, I got their e-mail. I just chose to ignore it.
by JalWilly August 28, 2009
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When a woman who is usually a 3 is a 9 because she's the only woman at a conference full of dudes and her hotness level is elevated by 5 points because there's no competition.
Oh my gawd, Becky! I was so conference hot until Camilla came in and stole my thunder. I lost like 5 points on the hotness meter.
by JalWilly June 14, 2016
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