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A super nerd word for "the guy taking all the damage in a mmorpg game" Think total dumbfuck that has no spell casting ability and can swing a giant axe so he moronically runs in front of everyone like a big tank.
Nerdwithnorealworldskills20008 is tanking! Hey put your hex spells on that him so we can mow him down with our +98 damage wind avenger blade spells! Pass the cheese wizz and graham crackers Bill!
by JakeWalls January 20, 2008
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An acronym for Get The Fuck Out. 1. Can be an expression of excitement for something really extrodinary, including doubt of its existence. 2. Used to tell noobs off or shut them up. 3. An expression for physically leaving a place with no disclosure to members of the place.
1. Suprised by the size of the dildo, Kathy exclaimed, GTFO! when she pulled it out of Amy's sock drawer.
2. Who the fuck cares, online noob bashing is a stupid way to spend your time using the acroynm GTFO.
3. John was so tired of his bitch, when Mark asked how the move was, he pointed to his T-shirt that said GTFO.
by JakeWalls January 18, 2008
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