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when a person or persons receives inferior drugs (particularly marijuana) from their dealer while still having to pay premium prices.
Chad: "Check out this bag I just got"
Tony: "Dude... You just got poop-shoed. This shit sucks."
Chad: " Fuck you Tony"
by Jackie Rabbit January 29, 2011
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When a person (generally female) allows a priest to shove a hand full of wormy human feces into her face and mouth with little or no resistance.
She didn't even scream. She seemed only mildly concerned when Taking The Bob
by Jackie Rabbit December 11, 2010
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the small area below the belly button but above the pubic thatch that is neither belly nor crotch but could be considered either or both.
Chrissy :"hey Becky.... does this tattoo of cherries on my brotch make me look like a whore?"

Becky: "yes"
by Jackie Rabbit January 07, 2011
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