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A person that follows Indian traditions and gets a gem placed on their forehead as jewelry
Guy 1: Hey, check out the Gemhead girl over there.

Guy 2: Wow, she must be Indian.
by JPhilleh June 07, 2010
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What you say when something happens that you didn't want to happen. Synonomous to "damn it", "shit", and sometimes "fuck".
Girl 1: I know we were going to go shopping today, and we had been planning it for weeks, but I had a few unexpected plans and I can't make it.

Girl 2: ... Aw shitdicks
by JPhilleh June 30, 2010
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End of the Year Syndrome

When you don't give a fuck about anything school related because it's so close to the end of the year.
Person 1: Man, I really really don't want to do that homework...

Person 2: Why not? It's not that hard.

Person 1: I'm suffering from EotYS.

Person 2: Damn.. Sorry man.
by Jphilleh April 06, 2011
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It's like pleading for attention, but doing so on Twitter.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Girl 1's tweet? What happened?

Guy 2: Nothing happened, she's just tweeting for attention.
by JPhilleh May 24, 2011
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