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Toronto Transit Commission, North America’s 3rd largest transit system. After New York and Mexico City.
"TTC The better way"
"Ride the rockit"
by JN June 12, 2006

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A candidate for one of the best DOD players in the continental United States. In his favor, he is Aian/Pacific Islander, a former active duty Marine, and a cock comparable to John Holmes.
You're almost as good as The Last Don in dod. KtP!
by JN June 25, 2003

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having sex from behind ( doogystyle) . As the male is penetrating he knocks the girls arms and the womans head falls forward hitting the bed post
I was banning this chick and then snowplowed her right into the headboard
by jn November 27, 2003

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The baddest MOFO on the planet.
Jeepnut28 is on bad MOFO.
by JN January 10, 2005

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when a guy rests his testicles over the girls eyes, making itlook like sunglasses
last night this girl was sucking my nuts and I then gave her raybans
by jn November 27, 2003

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