The act of defecating upon the chest of a sexual partner while eating a Reuben.
"Jessica, why do you smell so bad?"
"I let Tim give me a hogarth."
by Nukethwhls January 07, 2010
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To quickly inhale a large volume of vapor and/or smoke in a super-human fashion.
1. Don't Hogarth that bag, man!

2. Dude, you totally Hogarthed that shit! Load up another bag...
by Volcano Lover August 27, 2010
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New school that no one has heard of and gets confused for bill crothers. Isn't on any maps, but is a sexy building with good lighting. Everyone has a weird obsession with the Business teacheR, and therefore must harass him. Where a bunch of nOn-black kiDs say the n-word (sorry bud, that's not okay). Every supply teacher that walks In, walks out saying thEy never want to come back.
adult: what school do u go to?
bh hornet: bill hogarth
adult: oh, the sports school
bh hornet: no, bill hogarth ss, it's new
by bill Hogarth hornet March 09, 2019
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