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The shortest train line in New York City, probably the world. It runs in between Times Square and Grand Central and back all day, yes those are the only two stops.

Nobody knows why it exists, except for really lazy nut jobs who are to lazy to have one extra stop on the 7 train in between. Or if your in a rush to work where you need every second or your boss fires you, and this train buys you a little time.
Guy: I'm gonna take the 7 train to work today, it's the easiest way to work. No transfers, just a smooth ride.

Boss: (calls) If your one second late, your fired!!!

Guy: God damn, I only have 20 minutes left, Ugggg I guess i'm gonna take the useless 42nd Street Shuttle. Now I've gotta take the 7 train get off one stop at Times Square, transfer to the Shuttle, go to Grand Central, then walk back to the 7 train, and it buys me 1 minute. Worth it I guess?
by JJthedicktionare April 7, 2021
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An NYC Subway Line (Broadway Express) that runs from 96th Street / 2nd Avenue to Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue via the Second Avenue Line on the Upper Eastside, the Broadway Express Line in Manhattan, and the Brighton Line in Brooklynn.
I took the Q train to work today, and I was on time for once.
by JJthedicktionare April 11, 2021
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The announcement always said on the NYC Subway trains when the doors are about to close, and the train is about to leave.

Originally recorded by Charlie Pellett and is on all new technology trains

(older trains have live crappy announcements from the conductors)
Announcer: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please!

Train: closes doors, and leaves
by JJthedicktionare April 7, 2021
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Short for "F" ed up train. Worst train in the NYC Subway, slow as hell, always delayed, fun for kids.
God damn, the F train is delayed again, I'll never get to Coney Island on time.
by JJthedicktionare March 24, 2021
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A crappy old subway system where trains are always delayed, and the system is dirty with littered trash and rats. In is also very crowded, and the doors are always being held and squeeze to get in.

However It is quite satisficing when listening to the trains announcements and engines. (Stand clear of the Closing doors please), (buzzzzzzzzzzz)
Common, I'm gonna be late for work, but the NYC Subway is so messy and trashy that the trains always are delayed!!! But I do love the sounds, so I guess worth it?
by JJthedicktionare April 7, 2021
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The last name of Donald Trump, the worst President, in the history of the United States, known for being orange, fat, and very stupid. Also has a lot of money.
Trump was the worst president, how he attacked the capitol is disgusting!
by JJthedicktionare March 23, 2021
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