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A crystalmeth addict that is too damn old to be tweeking. These fucktards have fried every last brain cell and are total fuck-ups in life. An average Tweekosaurus-Rex is between the ages of 25-75. The Tweekosaurus-Rex's in their late 20's look like they are in their late 40's. There are two types:

Type A: The "tweeker" Tweekosaurus-Rex lives out of a back-pack and bounces from couch to couch because he/she has no home of their own. They have poor hygine and look disheveled most of the time. They are difficult to understand because they speak in tweakanese. Many have missing teeth, a condition also known as methmouth. They are commonly known to exhibit tweekalepsy; a condition in which they will exhibit mild siezure like symptoms, twiching, jirating, jerking about, scratching, and picking at their scabs.

Type B: The "functioning meth addict" Tweekosaurus-Rex lives in an apartment or with mom and dad. They can hold a job but always call in on Mondays and Fridays and leave early on paydays. He/she can barrrly pay the bills. They are the best customers at the cash advance establishments. Most of them have lost wives, husbands, custody of their children, property, and jobs.
Meilani: "Is that your dad?"

Nina: "No dude. That's my husband Dwayne. He's an old Tweekosaurus-Rex functioning meth addict. He works for the Department of Defence and makes bank but is broker than the homeless guy at the 7'll.

Meilani: "Why don't you get back together with him?

Nina: "When he gets the drift of this rhyme and changes I will:

You gotta man up,
listen to what I say.
Step up to the plate,
to live a brighter day.

I'm a fine woman,
yes i'm the very best.
But you are a lame,
and are failing the test.

You have no ambition,
and are stuck in a rut.
Living for meth and gambling,
and to bust a nut.

Thats all you care about,
my God oh how sad!
It's so unfortunate for you,
swallow it don't get mad.

These words are the truth,
I'm keeping it real.
Come down to earth Dwayne,
and learn how to feel.

Lose the bad habits,
and get yourself a life.
And be the man worthy,
of your beautiful wife.

By: Nina M. Lujan-Vickers
by An~R~Key * La Mesa, CA November 29, 2008
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Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine.
Specifically, someone binging, or really high on meth.
Someone going overboard cleaning, working, talking, etc, while using Meth, could be labeled as a 'Tweekosaurus-Rex'.
Anyone who persistantly acts wild, crazy or erratic while on Meth, is a 'Tweekosaurus-Rex'
Someone who cant sit still, relax, or settle down.
Someone who over concentrates or over orginizes things.
Someone who tweeks alot or the biggest tweeker.
"Knock it off, you Tweekosaurus-Rex!"
"Wow, your house is clean! Yeah, my roomate's a Tweekosaaurus-Rex."
by JGSR March 21, 2006
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