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boss man:
A term used to explain if something, if just "so cool" and you can't take it!
This is also a term you could use and put other words in front of it.
"That is so boss man!"
"Oh my god boss dog!"
boss chip
boss women
boss shirt
boss song
boss you
boss water
boss band
by JADE*** afi February 11, 2005
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Someone who goes through horrible times, and still thinks positive.
"Atleast you're Mr.Brightside."
by JADE*** afi February 13, 2005
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You know those dorks in school that think they're cool, and they're not.
" Oh, look there goes COOLIEST."

"COOLIEST, you are NOT hot!,"
and then COOLIEST would say:
"But, my nickname is COOLIEST!"
(COOL) hense the name
For all the sarcastic people out there.
by JADE*** afi February 13, 2005
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Someone who sells anything for just to much money.
"Gosh, that freaking BIG MONEY WAFFLER ripped me off!"
by JADE*** afi February 11, 2005

Someone who acts cocky, is always cracking jokes at people at the most inapropriet times, random, openly talks about their personal life to others, and usually if you are trying to be serious with a hetro-boy they will laugh at you and go on a whole different subject.
" I can't believe he broke up with me!"
(HETRO-BOY):"Ha Ha, He never like you anyway, I don't know how anyone could
cause you're so ugly! HA HA!!"
HB:" Do you wanna know how many chicks I've slept with in the past few hours? he he..."
HB:" HA HA, SHUT UP, nobody likes you anyway, ha ha
by JADE*** afi February 13, 2005
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patty cake:

Any hand games that you play with your hands.
"If you really want to see some ill patty cakeing, you should see me and Brittany do it!"

hand games considered as patty cake:

double double this this
patty cake
rock paper scissors
thumb wars.....
by JADE*** afi February 13, 2005
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VOKS- Pertaining to having "BALLS" or "GUTS" to do something.

(Girls or Guys)
"Whoa, dude you had some VOKS to go talk to that chick!"

"I can't believe that you had the VOKS to ask him out!"

" You shouldn't like him anyway, It's not like he had the VOKS to tell you he didn't want you anyway!"
by JADE*** afi February 10, 2005
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