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A round, fat ass that only Black and Hispanic girls have.
Damn, nigga! Lashawndra's got a ghetto booty!
by JACK BAUER July 1, 2003
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"Yo, Vyshonne! Dem niggaz in da red shirtz be from da EAST COAST! Ima bus a cap in therre ass!
by JACK BAUER June 28, 2003
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1st Special Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is a secret Counter Terrorism Branch of the US Army. They specialize in Hostage Situations, Recon Missions, and Counter Terrorism.
Mohammed Al-Zarqawi was arrested today by a Special Forces unit named Delta Force.
by JACK BAUER February 5, 2005
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The FBI's Counter Terrorism Branch, developed in the early 1970's, due to Cuban Terrorism on the East Coast.
by JACK BAUER February 5, 2005
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Peturr ur a fucking dumbass there is no such thing as a machine gun u obviously don't know anything about guns if ur gonna say anything close to "machine gun" say "Heavy Support Weapon, or Assault Rifle" ur the gayest fag i have ever seen online before. Here's a real definition of SWAT.
Usually located in major cities, SWAT, or Special Weapons and Tactics is called in to respond to, Hostage Situations, Barricaded Suspects, High Risk Arrest Warrants, or Heavily Armed Suspects.
by JACK BAUER February 5, 2005
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