8 definitions by J. Michael Reiter

An individual who is tightly constricted in the asshole for some reason and is not afraid to show the world it; Is also completely concerned with detail to levels here to fore seen only in Nazi Germany: A basically utight, overwrought control freak. Usually Repressed to the Nth Degree.
by J. Michael Reiter July 6, 2003
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an exercise that is designed to maximise the size and strength of the pectorali as found on the male and female H. Homo Sapiens... Also is a favourite among power lifters, performed with weights usually in excess of 450 lbs...
by J. Michael Reiter July 23, 2003
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Makers of absolutely stunning Burberry Trench Coat Copies and commensurate safari jackets; said garments happen to look bitchen on women with super measurements.
Lynda Carter should have worn an Abercrombie And Fitch instead of what ever company that made her double breasted trench coat...
by J. Michael Reiter January 10, 2004
Foreign Object Debris. For those of you who were in an air force(any air force, not strictly the US or Canadian's) that was a vital and necessary duty before a tactical fighter squadron's jet fighters could be launched. It consists of walking from one end of the runway to the other in search of nuts, bolts, tools ANY loose objects of any size that could be easily sucked up by the jet engines... This was not to be allowed to happen because it is dangerous for the pilot and the aircraft...
Flt/Sgt speaking to plane crew: Right, you shitbirds, Listen Closely!!! Flt/Lt Scott-Lovecraft wants a fucking excellent FOD walk down or it's your asses!!!! Dismissed!
by J. Michael Reiter December 11, 2003
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