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Short for community service. One of the most boring ways to spend your day.
People say doing lot's of com serv will make you feel good inside. Those church boys...
by J. Arnier November 20, 2007
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What someone has if they've never been to a kickass show and slammed some heads in the mosh pit, thus making that person a concert virgin.
Joe lost his concert virginity at the Slayer show on Saturday.
by J. Arnier May 12, 2007
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The "no" friend is the person in every group of friends who has the ability to ruin things for everyone else, usually unintentionally, by responding to most questions and ideas with the word "no."

The no friend may quickly become the object of many jokes and much hostility from the rest of the friends in the group.
Ted: Hey guys, want to go grab a burger and hit a movie?
*After general agreement from the rest of the group*
Frank: No, I'm out of money dude.
Greg: We could go to the mall and just hang out, how about that?
Frank: No, my feet hurt from jogging so much yesterday.
*The rest of the group begins to get annoyed*
Jimmy: Anyone want to go throw rocks at trees?
Frank: No, we could get in trouble.
Lenny: We could shoot off some of those fireworks I've got at my place...
Frank: No... I know, you can all come to my house and help me paint my room!
Everyone else: NO!

Frank is such a no friend.
by J. Arnier March 10, 2008
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A place for metal-heads, Droogies, and sometimes emos (who don't know what the hell they're doing) to congregate and basically beat the shit out of each other. Mosh pits usually take place at metal or punk concerts.

A mosh pit can, however, take place without any music. In this case a bunch of the aforementioned people would decide to gather in a public place (school, Wal-Mart, local mall, parking lot, etc.) and start an Open Pit, attempting to drag into the pit those who have no intention of entering. The most common types of mosh pits are as follows:

Confined (Closed) Pit: Involves lot's of people packed tightly together doing more jumping up and down than actual moshing. Most difficult to breathe in.

Open Pit: The most chaotic of pits, where anyone is fair game, and big slams/hits often bring congratualtions rather than reprisal. Much like a game of Wildcat without any football pads.

Hard-Core Dance Pit: Not a true mosh pit. An open area created by some emos who have foolishly attempted to ruin everyone's good time so they can "dance." Located next to or within a real mosh pit. Involves no real dancing. Fun for real moshers to turn into an Open Pit.

Circle Pit: A mosh pit in which everyone starts running in a cicle while shoving the person in front of them. People on the outside of the pit are often thrown into the circle pit unwillingly. Anthrax has been known to encourage its fans to start a Circle Pit during live performances of the song Indians.

Charge Pit: Much like the Circle Pit, this one involves a group of people running, or "charging," through the rest of the mosh pit in ultimate disarray, running over and trampling everyone in their path, but still remaining part of the group. In my opinion, the most insane, dangerous, and fun type of mosh pit. Requires a large area and lots of people.
The Slayer concert wasn't until Friday, so Lars got some Droogies together and started a mosh pit outside Wal-Mart.

Joe tried to fuck his emo girlfriend in the Hard-core Dance Pit but got his dick torn off when the metal-heads turned it into a circle pit.

Don't get in front of the Charge Pit. The only people brave enough to start that one have steel-toed boots and the urge to kill.
by J. Arnier March 19, 2007
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A monarchy set up to establish the absolute rule of one's lawn. The ruler of the lawnarchy is the owner, who takes the title of "king." The king orders his underlings, usually his own children, to be responsible for upkeeping his lawn. This includes mowing it, edging it, watering it, raking the leaves off it, and making sure it looks better than any of the neighbor's lawns.
Rick's dad, the king of the family's lawnarchy, forced Rick to edge the grass with a scissors.
by J. Arnier October 31, 2007
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Any miscellaneous item lying on the lawn that gets in the way while you're mowing. After you run the item over pieces of it may attempt to "bite" you as they're spat out the sides of the mower. This item could be anything from a golf club to trash that your neighbor plucked off his lawn and threw onto yours.
Herman: Hey, have you seen Collin's leg?
George: No, why? What happened?
Herman: He ran over an extension cord while he was mowing the lawn last night. It got stuck in the mower and started whipping around, cut up his leg really bad.
George: Gotta watch out for those damn lawn sharks!
by J. Arnier November 03, 2007
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On this date in 1986, Cliff Burton of Metallica, regarded by many as one of the best, if not the greatest, bassists of all time, was killed in a bus accident in Sweden. Arguably the saddest day in metal history.

Though Burton wrote and co-wrote many songs, his greatest work is commonly agreed to be "Orion" off of the Master of Puppets album.
Only Randy Rhoads' and Dimebag Darrell's deaths came close to shaking the metal world as much as Burton's.

September 27 was a horrible day for metalheads everywhere.
by J. Arnier September 28, 2007
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