6 definitions by J-Bird Spice

1) An intoxicated person's way of saying "sobriety."

2) The state of feeling sober even though one is obviously not.
by J-Bird Spice December 13, 2010
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Hampstead is a small town located in Carroll County, Maryland. It has slowly changed from a humble farm town to a nearly ghetto, half-ass city.

Hampstead goes by many names such as Mexistead, Hellstead, Hickstead, etc.

It is part of the small city trinity in Carroll County. Most people living here chill in Hampstead, Manchester, and/or Westminster; and, everyone knows each other.

Manchester is known as Mexichester.

Westminster is known as Westmonster, or the redneck, wanna be version of Baltimore City.
It ain't Hampstead, dude; it's Hellstead.
by J-Bird Spice December 15, 2010
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Taking ecstasy that is considered to be "uppy."

Ecstasy that causes people to laugh uncontrollably at random times while they are rolling.
Get me one of those light blue Gs Up, Hoes Down so I can roll for the lolz.
by J-Bird Spice December 14, 2010
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1) When drinking Bacardi, a man gets an erection, or a "bacardi-hardi."

2) Holding a bottle of Bacardi in front of the crotch area as to mimic an erected penis.
Dude, I totally got a bacardi-hardi goin'!
by J-Bird Spice December 13, 2010
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Honoring the stoner code of blazing at 4:20, rollers take their ecstasy pills at the same time. Also, 42E would be smoking weed and popping ecstasy at the same time.
It's that time again: 42E!
by J-Bird Spice December 14, 2010
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For rollers everywhere, water has been a lifesaver. So, it thus became known as "Liquid God." Cold, delicious, and refreshing!
I need me some Liquid God right now!
by J-Bird Spice December 19, 2010
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