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An acronym for Not My Fucking Problem. Often used in the workplace when saying Not My Fucking Problem would cost you your job.
The twat I work with called and told me something was wrong. I responded with N.M.F.P. bitch!

My boss is a cock sucker and this company is going down the toilet...and I think to myself N.M.F.P.!
by J & D October 05, 2006

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A fucking dufus; when dufus alone is just not enough
The twat I work with is a fufus that needs to be bitch slapped.
by J & D September 19, 2006

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(pronouced foo-twat) A fucking twat. A term that refers to someone who has pissed you off beyond all imaginable reason. When Fucking Twat just can't make it out of your mouth...Futwat just seems to roll off your tongue.
That bitch at work is nothing more than a Futwat!
by J & D October 06, 2006

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