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1. The act of inserting the penis into a dog's ass.
2. Sexually violating a canine.
3. Having half human, half-dog children with a black labrador retriever, or perhaps some other smaller species of dog.
eg. "Bret Jenkins raped that dog up the ass!"
eg. "Oh Jesus, it's that boy who stuck his ding dong up that dogs bum."
eg. "It's that dog rapist!
by Informant December 07, 2007

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A barbaric deevolving caveman act, with roots to virgin sacrifices.
Circumcision is so utterly foolish, that even how they circumcisioned, was retarted. It would be much less senseless, to remove skin at the base of the penis, permanently retracting the foreskin, then carefully reconnecting the veins arteries nerves etc., but knowing that much is better to just leave it all there.
#10, on the bottom of page 1 here, has a circumcision joke about short sighted got the sack, but that is not a joke: http://www.circumstitions.com /Restric/Botched4ga.html
Connect the space to work the link, again note the bottom of the page.
Doctors aren't helping there but to pass down an initiation and a revenge of sorts, so they are homophobic and lazy about really considering it, much like when they call STD's merely cists or zits, instead of treating it like a cancer and taking it out.
Lord's higher science requires a light shined from the heart, to help us see over the devil's dimmer deceptions. If the devil tried to say that circ. prevents masturbation or STD's, then consider the Lord's true truth may be opposite. How does circumcision beget masturbation? A pattern of oppression where the young man hasn't the right to keep his anatomy complete and to himself, then by the time he is horny he is still no where near having the right to marry in a manner which is due or timely, if not married he will masturbate. This covers the other issue as well, if not allowed to marry among other relative evolutionary advancement in time, they will fornicate in filthy irresponsible patterns, which will contract them STD's.
Then devil conspires: But young brides are too small to have their vaginas ripped open by a baby just yet, and young men do not want to marry yet (they want to be players and pimps).
Then Lord may assign a wise human for them to reply: That is why I have created to evolve you with the wisdom given your current human population at present, to consider the most unmutating and safe forms of birth control possible. Also, they are of a lower paradigm that needs to be ascended and shifted, it is easy for them to cop an excuse that they do not want to do what they don't even know they should have the right to do.
by Informant August 03, 2006

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