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Lawyer who got skinnier and skinnier over the years, while her lips just got bigger and bigger, until finally, she turned into a suction-cup dart.
She looks like those flourescent highlighted suction-cup darts you can get at the Dollar Tree.
by infinyte September 20, 2004

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That's Him, that's the man who shot Sirus!
from the movie 'The Warriors'.
by Infinyte September 10, 2004

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AIM acronym for
kinda pointless, but it is still used
by Infinyte September 10, 2004

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a fictitional place where all hillbillies and hicks and white trash come from. Derived from Montana + Kentucky.
That man has a mullet, which implies that he is from Montucky.
by Infinyte October 21, 2004

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An upside down question mark. Done by pressing alt+0191, or alt+5544.
¿Como se dice Urnandictionary.com en espanol?
by Infinyte September 10, 2004

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The people who live on programs such as XBConnect, that have nothing in real life, so they turn to video games. Usually call themselves 1337, and use words like n00b, noob, and pwn. And is often heard saying the phrase, all your base are belong to us. They range from ages 12-50, and in any which case, still lives w/ his mother, and is using his mother's credit card to pay for his Xbox Live subscription, and the internet service he uses. They talk with lisps, so watch out, you may need a raincoat and/or an umbrella when conversating with a computer nerd. These people can be found in a number of places, like Halo(PC), CS (PC), and on other games such as Alien vs. Predator.
You know those famous Halo "clans" that are unstoppable in the tournaments? Yeah, well in the real world, they are peices of shits that got beat up all through highschool.
by Infinyte September 09, 2004

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