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1. (noun) A registered voter who believes that a citizen should choose and hold their own beliefs, instead of believing that 300 million Americans' beliefs should all fall into 1 of 2 narrowly defined partisan categories. Independents have no party or organization; they represent themselves. George Washington was the only independent President.

2. (adj.) The status of not relying on outside resources and not being controlled by an outside entity.
"The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism."

-George Washington

"The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty."

-George Washington
by IndependentForever November 03, 2009

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Baldur's Gate is a series of Role-Playing video games and the name of the first release in the series. The first game was released in 1998, and changed the RPG genre forever. Seriously, before that people thought that Diablo was an RPG. Then they realized it was just an addictive hack 'n' slash click-fest. Baldur's Gate provided not only challenging and tactically interesting combat, but also an intriguing storyline that actually places your character in the plot, which is affected by your actions and decisions. Prior to Baldur's Gate, most RPG's introduced your character like the Stranger from High Plains Drifter.

Tales of the Sword Coast was released as the expansion.

Nobody thought it could be better until Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn came out in 2000. Gameplay was even better, story just kept getting better, and the best part was everybody knew an expansion was coming.

Finally The expansion to SoA came out entitled Throne of Bhaal. It is the final installment of the series. Beating the game gives you a combination of incredible accomplishment and also terrible depression from the realization that never again will you experience an RPG like it. Now we must all make do playing it over again and fantasizing about it while playing Dragon Age.
Blizzard has yet to release Diablo 3 ten years after Diablo 2 because they want to be absolutely sure that there won't be another Baldur's Gate installment that will blow them out of the water again.

Baldur's Gate is the perfection that all other RPG's are measured against. And they all fall short. Dragon Age came close, but only close.
by IndependentForever January 06, 2011

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One of two things that George Washington warned us about before retiring and everyone completely ignored him instantly. Few people realize that George Washington warned America not to form political parties, only nobody listened and here we are, lost in perpetual gridlock.

He also warned us about forming permanent alliances with foreign countries(e.g. NATO and UN).
Worker #1:"Hey, you registered as a Democrat or Republican?"

Worker #2:"Neither. I'm registered as an independent. Partisanism has to be the worst idea since the electoral college."
by IndependentForever November 02, 2009

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The most undemocratic part of the election process in the U.S.
While many voting enthusiasts try to convince America that their vote DOES matter, the 2008 election is proof that your vote doesn't count for shit. While the popular vote was only 7 percent apart, the electoral vote was 35 percent apart; proof positive that the electoral college anally reamed America and the whole concept of Democracy.
Worker #1:"You going to vote on Tuesday?"

Worker #2:"Nah. What's the point? The electoral college is gonna do whatever the hell it wants to anyway."
by IndependentForever November 02, 2009

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California Rights are individual rights that are infringed upon to benefit "public well-being". The infringements upon these rights are usually instituted in an effort to counteract California's high level of stupidity per capita. California Rights are commonly found in California, New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
California Rights

San Francisco recently banned the sale of McDonald's Happy Meals because stupid people won't feed their kids real food unless forced to by law.

Los Angeles has banned smoking in outdoor places because stupid people are too uppity to simply avoid smokers, they have to antagonize them as well.

California has the most restrictive gun laws in the United States, yet very high violent crime, because California's other laws drive people to go on psychotic killing sprees.
by IndependentForever November 09, 2010

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A disease that affects a person's ability to reason. People with this condition suffer from irrational delusions that a candidate in an upcoming election will "change everything", "keep their promises" and/or "get things done". Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: believing politics is interesting, putting an election bumper sticker on your otherwise valuable automobile, passing out leaflets and yard signs, and actually reading propaganda mail. Outbreaks generally occur in a 4 year pattern coinciding with presidential elections, although extreme cases will lead the victim to feel this way toward all elections down to county level, especially in die-hard partisans. It will affect Democrats and Republicans differently depending on the candidates and election conditions. Positive Election Disease (PED) gained unprecedented media coverage during Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign, marking the worst recorded epidemic of PED in America.

Facts about PED:

PED feeds on bipartisanship.

Lobbyists are naturally resistant to PED.

PED may affect up to 95 percent of partisans during election time, but affects less than a third of all Independents.

Douchebags are 10 times more likely to get PED.

Network news makes it worse.

PED can cause rioting, especially in developing African countries.

PED does affect politicians, but such cases are quickly cured by lobbyists.

During off-years PED survives in San Fransisco.
douchebag: "Barack Obama will bring change to America! He's going to fix the economy and fix healthcare the right way and he's going to get Democrats and Republicans to work together."

registered independent: "Man, you got Positive Election Disease really bad."
by IndependentForever November 01, 2009

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This is when you just want to live your life, but your politicians keep getting upset and making your life a living hell. This condition is similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Like Bowels, politicians always have shit coming out of their mouths. Substitute 'politician' for 'bowel' and you get IPS.
Worker #1:"I'm glad election year is passed. My IPS was about to drive me insane."

Worker #2:"Oh, yeah? You got Irritable Bowel Syndrome?"

Worker #1:"No. Irritable Politician Syndrome. Same symptoms, different assholes."
by IndependentForever November 03, 2009

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