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In Runescape an online multiplayer game;
i) the magical stones called 'runestones' but oftenly referred to as 'runes'
ii) A type of armour that is light blue/cyan and requires 40 defence to wear. Rune armour is better than leather, bronze, steel (level 5), black (level 10), mithril(level 20) and adamant (level 30.)
Yay! Lots of Runes!

I'm saving for Rune armour.
by Improfane January 12, 2005
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MALICIOUS SOFTWARE. It is any code, program, script, software or any instructions interpreted as attacking a computer operating system (most probably a Windows operating system)
Malware includes spyware, trojans, viruses/virii, denial of service/DoS attacks.
Malware is often found online in the form of spyware, viruses and trojans.
by Improfane January 12, 2005
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virii is a variant plural of the word 'virus'
It is important to note it is actually incorrect and the correct plural for 'virus' is 'viruses'
People use virii instead of viruses because
a) it looks 'better' or they want to appear of as smarter
b) they don't know it is incorrect
c) it sounds 'better' when said (vi-ree) compared to viruses (vi-rus-is)
If you use 'virii' people will announce 'your' mistake - use virii/viruses
Virii can often reproduce itself via email attachments.
by Improfane January 12, 2005
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