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In chats, used as an abbreviation to "good"
<Dude> I found a hundred bucks today
<pwn0r> gd gd
by Imp March 8, 2005
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A "expert" (no one really knows just what the expertise relates to) suffering from a self-induced delusional paranoia who thinks that any internet forum or BBS that is not open to the public is filled with hackers and evil, baby-eating Satanists that are plotting to take over the world. That is, after they kill him first, of course.
"Don't mind him, he's juat an AO."

"Kind of reminds you of an AO, doesn't it?"
by Imp April 7, 2004
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When something very l33t is like "BOOOOM!"
by Imp November 28, 2004
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A Bungie.net member that is tired of having some metal band brought up randomly by other forum posters.
Hey, impurity. Did you know that there is a band with the same name as you?
by Imp March 28, 2005
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Bad ass motherfucker

The All

The Dark One

The slayer of rebels
Man you see that rebel get slain by necroz.

Necroz haxor'd your moms ass last night.
by Imp April 26, 2005
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The way some internet users spell the word "cool". May be also concidered a part of 1337 speech.
The music is kewl.
by Imp June 19, 2004
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