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A nickname for Britney Spears' husband. See also 'Untalented worthless hobo with mop of stringy pubic hair atop his empty, empty head'.
Did you see what K-Fed was wearing? Flip-flops and SOCKS? Jesus Christ, my eyes!
by Ihateyouallsomuch August 08, 2005

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1.Green Day song

2.Place where all manners of subculture devotees put in the 'Location' entry on any site they may join.

3.New and exciting way of whining about how depressed you are.
1.I'm listening to Boulevard of broken dreams.

Location:Boulevard of broken dreams

3.Dude,I'm walking on the boulevard of broken dreams, man. Kristi had sex with that sailor guy again!
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005

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1.Someone who, realising that they will not be recieving attention from boys they know in real life anytime soon, posts messages such as 'Im soo horny lol!' or 'im a blond model/phsicist' in hopes of ensnaring a pale faced, acne riddled 'cyber bf'.
2. Someone who feels the need to whine in poorly spelt topics about their suburban angst to strangers over the internet. This description could also be applied to every single Dashboard Confessional fan ever.
3.Anyone who has a webcam site and Amazon wish-list and finds that their 'daily routine' consists of sitting and looking pensive in flattering poses, whilst wearing a pair of emo glasses.
1.2HOTT4U why are you such an internet whore?

2.No-one cares about your C in maths, internet whore. Why don't you take your own advice and slash your stupid wrists.
by Ihateyouallsomuch August 08, 2005

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Suffix added to the end of almost every word. Used mostly by 40 year women talking to their children and/or dogs, or drunken college whores in a desperate attempt to sound more cute, less riddled with STDs and premature, substance induced age.
Ok, who wants napies?

Who's got tired little legsies?
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005

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Snarky blog which dissects fugly celebrity outfits. One of the best sites on the internet.
Did you see gofugyourself this morning? I love Mischa Barton but if she keeps dressing a grandma hooker I'm donating my O.C boxsets to Goodwill.
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 09, 2006

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1.Dancing, only HARDCORE.
2.The kind of dancing you see the weird suburban kids from your school that always smell like BO and cloves doing. A subtle artform that manages to look uncoordinated, supremely lame and immensely queer, all at the same time. Popular hardcore 'dance moves' include the 'I'm flailing my arms about like a frightened kid in special ED!', The 'I'm piling myself on top of you but it's not gay because we're dancing and it's hardcore!' The 'When you can't dance, just roundhouse kick at random because it totally worked for the Spice Girls!' and the 'I'm going to be a virgin for a long time'.
3.The source of some of the funniest definitions I've come across on this site.
'Hardcore Dancing' makes me smile
by Ihateyouallsomuch August 08, 2005

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A phrase you should live by, if you reside in England.
'Jesus Christ, It's grim up north'
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005

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