4 definitions by Iggy128

In the late 1999's a kid developed the word munchies which means to munch.
The boy munched on his munchies and died 2 minutes later.
by Iggy128 June 28, 2004
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1.To mean the Gothiction of every single telepathic person in the world

2. The purpose of knowing things that people don't want to know
1.He said no to Telepathically Gothictional when he was offered some.

2. He telepathically gothictional knowledge showed that he had wet the bed 834 times
by Iggy128 June 26, 2004
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An English expression when one is great rivited or surpised.
Great scott! Cried the english man as he walked into the room.
by Iggy128 June 28, 2004
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