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A store located in SoHo, NYC. It sells clothes, shoes and many other things. Great spot for Chucks and tee-shirts.
Yellow Rat Bastard sells great stuff.
by Ichy April 08, 2006

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A great band. The band has long since broken up. It's lead singer, Chester Bennington, joined the band Linkin Park (another great band, IMO). Another member, whose name I forget, has passed away.

The sound is nothing like Linkin Park's music, so don't expect that. Its very soft and slow. No rap elements at all.

Some Grey Daze songs, like 'Broken Glas', are said to be early Linkin Park stuff. This is not true at all. The only thing linking Grey Daze and LP is Chester's singing. And the singing styles are entirely different as well.
Some Grey Daze songs include:
Anything, Anything
Broken Glass
by Ichy November 14, 2005

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Contrary to popular beleif, reggaeton is NOT spanish reggae. It is spanish RAP with reggae/dancehall beats. Sometimes the rapping is spanglish, spanish with some english thrown in here and there.

This music style is growing in popularity with artits like Daddy Yankee (who is leading the genre right now), Noriega, Don Omar and Luny Toons.
Take a good listen to how a person in a reggae song speaks, then do the same to a reggaeton song, then a rap song. You'll find that a regaeton song has a reggae beat with rapping.

Popular reggaeton songs include:
-Dale Don Dale
-Oye Mi Canto
by Ichy February 21, 2006

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Viewed sideways becomes a heart. Usually used to express luv or love for something over the internet. Can be used on a complete stranger you met in an online forum. Less creepy than using the word love on people you don't know.

note: <3 (luv) and love are not necesarily the same. Luv, like 'lub', is a less serious and more lighthearted version of 'love'.
I <3 u = I luv u = I lubu
(none of these is equal to 'I love you')
by Ichy November 10, 2005

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1) The act of killing one's own self.

2) Reffering to Suicide Doors on a car: doors that open opposite to regular doors.

3) In drinking: a suicide is a drink made by mixing other drinks into one super-drink. Usually alcoholic, but not always.
1) Mary, after deciding that she has had enough of the world, commited suicide.

2) Did you see that car? It had suicide doors!

3) I invited a few friends over and we drank suicides all night long.
by Ichy June 30, 2006

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The City refers to Manhattan OR the five boroughs. If you live in the boroughs, then 'The City' is definately Manhattan. Outside of the boroughs, it can mean the boroughs as a whole or just Manhattan.

Remember: New York City isn't just Manhatten, it's the whole five boroughs (Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan).
Brooklyn kid 1: lets go the the city tonight.
Brooklyn kid 2: Yea, I saw something I wanted to get on 40-duce.

Out of stater 1: Lets visit the city!
Out of stater 2: I don't know, its a big place, and I hear it's expensive.

by Ichy November 18, 2005

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