a very easy girl who is willing to perform sexual acts with nearly any individual. Usually at large parties, within groups of friends. She acknowledges the fact that she is the 'tossup' and wears the name proudly. She is aware she is there for sexual satisfaction.
In AZ's song "Tossup", "...you know the kind of girl the ones we call up, never knowin em by the name so we call em tossups, hold up, the kind of girl that you don't fuck up in the bed, that's quick to give you head and never ask you for no bread, every nigga down here know her, she's down to do what niggas want, we hit it from the back she even let you put it in the throat..."
by piggydelgrove March 21, 2007
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1. something used to indicate the closeness of two things as far as greatness.

2. what your mother and i did all last night.
1. it's a tossup between pot and coke.

2. it's what your mother and i did all last night.
by the complete 196 June 21, 2005
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In Graffiti, It is letters that is done with only one color. for example, an Outline of letters with no fill-ins "OR" solid filled in letters. all done using only one can. the simplest form of graff.
Political Graffiti of the past was the first to use what we call now "Tossups".
by DigDug March 6, 2004
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A cross between a Rusty Trombone and a Dutch Rudder.
Hey Bob, would you like a Washington Tossup?
Sure Jeff, why not?
by Bulgaria Statem September 25, 2009
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