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A "sport" often played by non athletic boys who play it to call themselves athletes, and crotchety old men who are trying to escape their dead end marriages. These men often play in foursomes while drinking beer and spend 30 minutes on each hole and keep everyone else from having fun as they chop the ball around and will not let anyone play through.
Bill played golf because he got tired of beating up his wife and wanted to go get wasted and piss people off at the local country club. even though he sucks at golf, he acts like he owns the place.
by IMMA MAN December 21, 2009
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when the male uses his cock as a secondary brain, often resulting in unfortunate choices and loss of girlfriend and or bodily harm caused by aforementioned girlfriend.
man i was so cockbrain last night, i had a great time but my girlfriend kicked me in the sack this morning
by IMMA MAN December 03, 2009
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a woman that demasculates a man so much that his penis literally shrivels up and becomes utterly useless.
Jen was such a Emasculator to her husband so much that he can no longer make sex to her. She regrets being so bitchy now.
by IMMA MAN December 14, 2009
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