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She is a strong and beautiful woman. She has a great sense of humor and is very confident. She is calm but had a crazy side. She enjoys the arts and just being a down to earth chill person. MJW
She’s such a Miniya
by IHateMyLife April 1, 2018
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I was sleeping on the couch last night.

Your wife was tripping?

Yeah bro, i think i fucked up
by IHateMyLife June 26, 2014
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sometimes considered a good option
its rly tempting and im personally fighting it off....but think about ur loved ones. how would they feel if someone they loved just gave up and quit.

another thing to think about is the situation thts causing you to be suicidal.... if its something that can or will end. DONT FUCKING KILL YOURSELF. if its a situation that will NEVER go away... well thats a different story
johnny killed himself, despite the fact that he had just perchased the next day lottery ticket that would win and his gf was going to come back to him. poor johnny
by IHateMyLife February 26, 2005
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