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An insurgent is someone who is not in the official military of a nation but fights against a country in a rebellion (see insurgency). The Iraq War was actually a short war, it's now an insurgency. There are insurgencies all over the world, Chechnya for example.

It's not just a 'liberal term' for 'terrorist', grow up. Not all insurgents are terrorists, while many feel they must resort to such tactics.

Get out of your redneck holes and get educated. Stop blaming all of your problems on liberals, Bush was the one who lied about WMDs and started the pointless war.
<AK-47 fire>
Soldier 1: What the fuck?!
Soldier 2: We're under attack!
Soldier 1: Fucking insurgents...
by ICanHazAbortionz? January 13, 2009
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A member or advocator of the US Republican party who is a criminal. Republicans are known for killing abortion doctors (who have feelings and studied a long time to get where they are today, unlike an unborn, non-conscious embryo/young foetus which has no feelings and could really matter less in the world's grand scheme of things) and sexually abusing minors (see Republican pedophiles for a long list of them). This is kept under wraps generally and while Republicans shove 'family values' down people's throats, Democrats like Barack Obama have more family values and empathy than the whole Republican party combined. Republicriminals are just another way of letting the world know that they serve themselves, control the populace by means of religion and out-of-line propaganda and serve their friends while burying the middle and lower classes further. Republicriminals claim to be 'pro-life' and some use this as a justification for murder (very ironic) using a kind of Christian logic based on a very, very old book written by unidentified crackpots, although they are happy to kill off innocent people with their overfunded military forces and only care about the quantity of life and not the standards. Comparable to Adolf Hitler's Waffen-SS and the militant Islamic extremist group al-Qaida (whom the Republican president Ronald Reagan funded enormously during the Cold War), Republicriminals are the most religiously indoctrinated of all Republicans and will go to any length to
Republicans wish for the middle and lower classes to be able to get basic medication, health care and education is labelled a 'Socialist baby murderer', a'vodka-drinking Commie rat' or simply a 'dumbass faggot', while none of them educated themselves in politics and know how to distinguish socialism from communism, reading the Bible (and occasionally Mein Kampf) and going to church in their study time. Some will kill innocent people to reach their illogical fantasies or decide that they are exempt from following their 'morals' and 'values' and rape children, many others are fat and corrupt, thus they are Republicriminals and are more common than you think.

Note that I do not use 'terrorist' to describe al-Qaida: that term is mostly used by the Republicans to scapegoat people and as horrifying as al-Qaida is, I refuse to call anyone a 'terrorist'. Read up about Washington's deal with Tehran to designate the PMOI as a terrorist organization: Republicans are corrupt.
by ICanHazAbortionz? January 20, 2009
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A very influential song from the late 80s by the popular political rap group Public Enemy. Although the part about Elvis was unfounded (Elvis liked blacks) it's a great song, and a call to all true believers in equality and peace to fight for what they stand for.

You can pretty much protest about anything to it. Unless you're conservative.

See the video on YouTube.
"Those ass monkeys in the government want to go to war in Iraq over some bullshit about WMDs."
"Fight the power! Let's take to the streets!"
by ICanHazAbortionz? January 14, 2009
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