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Closing one eye at time alternating until your eyes are fully refreshed as if you had just blinked.
When a video game requires your full attention and if you were to look away for even a brief moment it would result in a drastic mistake or death in the game. (Guitar Hero, Gears of War, or Call of Duty, etc.)
My eyes started to water while i was playing Guitar Hero so i "Gamer Blink "ed so i wouldn't miss a note and screw up my chance at 100%ing the song.
by ICEYDEATHDEALER April 03, 2009

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A person that has been around to enjoy every generation of pokemon games and still in thier 20's continues to play pokemon religiously.
Sam: We are such "Master Poke'"s i cant believe we still like this stuff!
JMark: I know right! Isn't great!
by ICEYDEATHDEALER April 04, 2009

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