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Self-inflicted damage leading to utter chaos.
The CEO's behavior is Trumpian.
by IBON4IT May 18, 2017

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With "that is", a retort to any statement considered inflamatory, inaccurate, uneducated, misinformed, misleading or intellectually lazy.
Believing that health care reform will euthanize seniors is SO FOX NEWS.
by IBON4IT August 20, 2009

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An action, statement or item that is wildly outdated or passé.
Your tribal arm band tattoo is so al-Qaeda.

Sarah Palin? She's so al-Qaeda!
by IBON4IT May 04, 2011

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An act of management defined by the issuance of calming denials and soothing reassurances to employees of failing companies. Intended to prevent mass stampedes to other jobs which might dilute any remaining value of the troubled company at the time of sale.
The CEO sent out an employee whispering memo assuring personnel that the company has no intention of filing for bankruptcy.
by IBON4IT October 03, 2011

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