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A school full of pussies who can't fight 1 on 1. Every fight consists of two people who actually have a reason to fight and their friends who must fight with them to make up for the lack of skill between those two. A school full of drug heads and wanna-be drug heads, both are one chromosome away from down syndrome. And like any other school, we have sluts and whores who get banged like a salvation army drum.
Where can I go to witness the worst fighting ever, buy some pot, and bring a hooker home for the night?

Manalapan High School
by I am better than you March 27, 2005

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the coolest person in the world who could easily kick the ass of whoever wrote the first definition because he is smarter than you, and better at CS.
holy shit! shoeb just shot me!
by i am better than you August 06, 2004

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To hit someone, usually in the face.
That nigga ran up on me too fast so I straight yolked em up.
by I am better than you March 28, 2005

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A crazy-haired beast that resides in the city of Jackson, New Jersey. Usually seen drunk at a party, passed out at a concert, or simply blazing an L. He is a rare beast and is usually trying to find a mate.
Our 40s and blunts are gone.. wtf did they go?!

Geddi must have stealth ninja attacked us.
by I am better than you March 28, 2005

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