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The current CEO of YouTube since February 2014, she is a bitch who sides with homophobes and scammers while harming reputable creators.
Susan Wojcicki sucks ass.
A College Town is any city that's population is predominately students attending a 4 year college or university.
Eugene, Oregon is an example of a College Town.
by I literally have 0 friends September 15, 2021
Nebraska is the worst state ever. Full of cornfields, meth labs, hicks, racists, dumb people, and cousinfuckers. Giving Illinois and Oregon a run for their money. Don't come here. Ever.
John: Man! Oregon sucks!
Jeff: Trust me, Illinois is worse!
Guy from Nebraska: Amateurs. I am from The Worst State.
by I literally have 0 friends August 19, 2021
Very boring and overtaxed state sandwiched in between the dumbass heroin addict poor kids in Missouri and the dumbass methheads in Indiana the Hoosier state. Not worth the fucking time at all.
The thought of driving through Illinois makes me want to take the long ass detour so I can avoid driving through it.
by I literally have 0 friends August 19, 2021