10 definitions by I ain't tellin you NoTHIN'!

Phrase created by stereotypical, nigga-hatin', punk-rock lovin, cracker-ass bitches who haven't heard true rap.
White guy: "Rap is crap."

Other guys: "You just say that because you haven't heard true rap." (puts in Mos Def)

White guy: "Ohh...Okay I change my mind."

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The badass dude on Chappelle's Show played by none other than...Dave Chappelle.
"My name is Leonard Washington. Where I'm from...there's a little town called none of ya god damn dusiness."
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Strong ass weed, song made popular by Purple Ribbon (who are da shit), and Superman's worst nightmare.
When Superman hears the song Kryptonite, he takes a baseball bat and starts whamming the crap out of the stereo.
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When you jump up for a dunk and miss the rim completely.
"That's like an airball dunk! That's like a dunk with no rim!"
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