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1. A combination of the words Homo and Polio. This disease is a direct result of haven given birth to a child that displays homosexual tendancies at a rather early age.

2. homsexually precocious.
SNL had a skit about this homocil medication. Looked like Will Farrell had homolio!
by Hullabuloo August 24, 2005

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A girl who likes to fuck a lot and prefers it in the ass. Especially fond of a middle finger deep in her anus during rough sex and then smells it. Sex on the rag is a favorite until she looses her tampon deep inside. A Mulie has a menopause mother and hunchback dad who is easy to steal money from and has to jerk-off in his car on the way to work every morning.
Dude, I nailed Mulie once already this morning. Yup, and three times yesterday. I bet her sister can fuck like a beast--she is a slut.
by Hullabuloo July 29, 2005

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A person that drinks too much. A fun-loving alcoholic.
Damn Billdo drinks too much--he is a badfish.
by Hullabuloo August 24, 2005

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Not a sport. A game never intended for to become so popular you can play at your local sandwich shop during happy hour for fake money.
Poker on ESPN? Just because you can break a sweat doing it does not make it a sport.
by Hullabuloo August 01, 2005

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