What you call a guy named Bill, implying he is a dildo.

See also Phildo
Bill: Hey guys, whats up? Can I hang out with you guys?
Bob: Go away Billdo!

by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
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A slang name for a Kinky well endowed man named Bill.
I dunno man he's kinda freaky, Like Billdo
by FoxJ May 02, 2008
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A dildo wrapped in a $20 bill, which is a prize in the claw machine at the Homy Inn in Omaha, NE.
"Hey Dustin, loan me a buck so I can win a $20 billdo for my girlfriend."

"Man, I don't have any money to spare."

"Cone on, it's just a buck."
by choadville November 03, 2013
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Billdo or the plural word billdos, are Buffalo Bill fans in support of Buffalo, New York professional NFL team. What sets them a part from sensible fans, they support one of the worst teams in NFL history and to show their own disgust with their home team, they are known to throw adult sex toys on to the field of professional football games. I mean, you would too if your were a quiet Bills fan.
Holy shit!!!! Those Billdos are making it rain dildos of the field!!!! Let's get out of here, stat!!!!
by Coontry Chicken November 11, 2018
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