A female who is
Fine,Sexy,Fit,Cute,Attractive,Hot and so on ,you get the drift
"check her out , she's definately a zeta "
by Atez November 21, 2006
a mexican drug mafia one of the most notorious mafias in the world of mexico that has gotten bigger in the usa were the majority in texas
man i wanna whoop that fools ass........nah because all his family are zetas
by fly281 July 6, 2009
Zeta is a nice girl. she loves her friends no matter what. people call her gorgeous but she doesnt bieleve them. She is trustworthy and will always keep your secrets. shes usually a brunette. she can be annoying sometimes but her bestfriends still love her. she is very outgoing. she loves to meet new people and make friends. She is a great friend tyo have. some guys like her. She has crushes on guys not often. When she likes someone they are the only one. Everyone should have a zeta in her life.
"i wanna be friends with zeta"
"zeta is so nice"
by wassuh123 February 6, 2019
Zeta is slang for "alien".
Bob Nickles: I don't believe in Zetas.

Johnny Doogoo: Just for saying that, the Zetas are going to abduct you.
by Kight of Cyndonia July 3, 2010
Zeta is a girl, she's smart, funny, kind, and doesn't talk no for a answer.

Hates bullies. She stands up for her friends and loves animals, nature, and writing.

Boys thinks she's cute, but she doesn't play, she's a girl if mysterys, but yet a open book.
Boy Wow Zeta is so cute
Other boy ya but she is going to fall for me
Zeta no I'm not
Me aka her bff/ is a girl Boys don't even try, she's taken, by someone better
by Princess of Demons and Angels November 24, 2018
Tengo una zeta de crippy.
I got a zeta filled with krippy.
by yerba buena August 5, 2010
1) The greatest Gundam series ever

2) Zeta Gundam, a prototype Gundam capable of transforming into the Waverider to re-enter and fly in the atmosphere
1) While the original Gundam, and other other series like SEED and 08th MS Team were great, Zeta Gundam takes the cake.

2) That Zeta Gundam sure is powerful.
by RHS Student October 12, 2004