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Term used to degrade a woman who has given up all three holes to a man (oral, coitus, and anal sex). Generally speaking, a man can feel confident that he has dominated a woman after achieving this triple crown status, whereas only obtaining one or two of these sexual acts are no guarantee a woman will even remember him. This is primarily because most women are reluctant to give up the third whole (back door for many women OR the pussy for sluts who are trying to remain virgins). This is synonymous to a "grand slam" (as all the bases were run).
1) I used that dirty whore like a bowling ball.

2) Trust me, she's no prude. I bowling balled that bitch after two dates.

3) She never gave me head - so I can't call her a bowling ball.
by Hollywoodknight November 19, 2011

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This is a distinct accumulation of fatty tissue on the outer thighs near the buttocks. Usually, when a woman begins to gain weight, the butt wings flare outward. This is not the same thing as fat thighs or a fat ass - it is the area of the anatomy where the buttocks and upper (rear) thighs meet. Butt wings occur on women in their 20s who neglect their bodies (ie. do not exercise or walk regularly) and are more common on American college campuses. Tights and leggings reveal butt wings that jeans or skirts might hide. Butt wings contribute to the pear shape of some women with large hips.
I thought that girl was hot until I noticed her butt wings.

I can't wear polyester pants because they don't hide my butt wings.

Some men anchor themselves into place during cunnilingus by grabbing onto a woman's butt wings.
by Hollywoodknight November 17, 2011

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An undesirable female (or male). The term is derived from swiping left on the Tinder app to reject a female (or male) you don't want to be matched up with.
Nah dawg- she's a lefty fo' sho'. Swipe left homey!!
by Hollywoodknight August 16, 2014

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The area of a woman's bikini or panties where the labia majora are clearly defined. This differs from a "camel toe" that creates a "w" shape, visible from the front only. The meat sack is more of a "u" shape and is visible from the front, back, or below. The meat sack is best viewed from behind when a woman wears a thong.
1) She's got a nice, tight meat sack.

2) Check out that girl in the pink bikini bending over- you can see her meat sack!

3) I was behind this hot blonde in yoga today, and every time she did downward facing dog, I caught a glimpse of her meat sack.
by Hollywoodknight November 18, 2011

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An underdog is something that always seems to be trailing behind, but not always as bad as what’s more popular. Often times when an underdog becomes more know, people new to it tend to cram it down your throat and preach to you how much better it is then everything else. They will also go on Urban Dictionary and write definitions about how great it is, and trash everything else.
Random FireFox User:
OMG everyone says FireFox Ownz, and its the underdog also, so it must be good. Anyone who doesn't have Firefox is a stupid nubzor. All you little nub kids need to get it now! I don't even know why it's good, everyone else told me it was.
by HollywoodKnight October 09, 2005

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A class found in most high schools across the US. Kids often take it to get there gym credits with out going to gym. The people that usually win awards don't quit after there sophomore year. The rest of the people don't know how to march, useless/slow, and are annoying when in there uniforms.
Dear god! Look at those morons marching. The tempo is as slow as hell and there not holding nothing, but half of them are still off step. Those ROTC kids would die in a marching band.
by HollywoodKnight October 08, 2005

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