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The best pub in the world on holloway road in north london. I think its named after the owner.
you wanna go to big red? i'm already there f**k yeah
by HollowayTom August 30, 2006
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used to describe a girl that has been ridden more than the 134 bus on holloway road. due to so much cock her hole has stretched into a pit of oblivion. The word gluppet derives from the words 'glove puppet' suggesting that one may get his entire hand inside and use the girl as a glove puppet. gluppet is used as it has onomatapaeic values and sounds 'wet and slappy'.
mclatch i heard u was hangin off the back of joes sister last night,

hardly mate, she's a fuckin gluppet after all that black cock.

dude she smokes the dark cigar?

yeh tasha saw her. her flange is so big now its like chuckin a sausage up pride hill

bo selecta
by hollowaytom September 28, 2006
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the place where people think everyone else is being racist against them. having lived in wales for half my life i think i'm fairly qualified to make judgement on this. they spend their entire time accusing the english of being racist against them, yet after living there for a long time i came to realise that in reality the welsh hate the english - and most of them have a big chip on their shoulder about something, normally the fact that 'they were ere first'. and no they don't shag sheep either - just to clear that up.
me: playing footie at school that was a fuckin goal
taff: arguing back what did you say - you racist english fucker i don't shag sheep
me: i never said you did, i just said it was a goal
taff: you fuckin prrrik i'll ave u at the young fergle barn dance 2nite
me: would like to laugh but he's a big hard rugby player ok...its always like this in wales
by HollowayTom September 15, 2006
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A fuckin shit american nigger phrase that comes from black hip hop cultures influence on western society. Other words that americans and blacks make up to ruin the english langueage (not to mention make themselves sound like fuckin idiots) include phat, bling and shorty. Although i'm sure that the meaning of all these words vary from council estate to coucil estate, it is basically a stupid word by twats who can't talk and think they're cool.
me: that girl has a nice ass
american black gangsta: bruva dat booty is phat, i wanna see her twat
me: talk normally, your annoyine me
american black gangsta: nah man, if it don't rhyme then its a crime
me: walks away from stupid hip hop loving, mirror staring twat
by hollowaytom October 04, 2006
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