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Kiwi - 1 - A small, brown, flightless, nocturnal, endangered bird native to New Zealand / Aotearoa. The name of the bird comes from the high-pitched 'call' it makes.
Kiwi - 2 - Slang for a person born in New Zealand. Synonymous with hard-working individuals, talented artists & relaxed easy-going people .
Kiwi - 3 - This is what the rest of the world, for some unknown reason, calls 'KIWIFRUIT'. Laziness and stupid marketing probably enter into it somewhere. Originally a Chinese Gooseberry, it flourished in NZ where its name was changed to reflect where it was grown. Named a KIWIFRUIT, stays a KIWIFRUIT , not a kiwi.
Kiwifruit example - I was asked by 4 individuals in London, why?, where NZers named after a fruit?
by Hoki June 17, 2004

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Shortened version of ' IS IT NOT '. A question, probably, when originally shortened, but now used by English people in about every fucking sentence they say. Half the time it's used as a response, where most people might say 'yes/yeah' or 'really/wow' or 'damn/shit' ... init/innit is used.
ME - 'I went to the store'
U - 'innit'
Me - ' Bought some milk and bread and smokes and went home, watched BB on TV'
U - 'innit'

" So me was out with me boys, innit, and we was going to get some beers, innit, when this guy, yeah, like comes up to us, yeah, innit, and he was like Gimme some change, we was like, innit"
by Hoki June 17, 2004

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1 - A human being having sex with a sheep.
2 - A lame insult by Orrszstrraayaa'ans towards Kiwi's or the IEnglissh to the Welsh
Being from one of the nations that are continually referred to as "Sheep Shaggers" (New Zealand), i am happy to recieve that insult. It's usually from Australians (sorry, thats said 'Osztraaya'nsz')who as we all know are low-born (inbred), illiterate(thick as two planks) and have a native species of marsupial(koalas) which are ridden with syphilis (where did they get that then?). When a Kiwi and an Ozzsszsee first meet, it is always the Ozzsszszseeei who will insult first and inevitably the 'sheep shagger' gets thrown up quickly.
Well i'd love to say to all Oszszstraaayaa'aansz this small thing .......
Then we kill them
Then we package them
Then we send them over to your country for you sister-molesters to have on your dinner table.

Kiss my ass u stooooopeed ozszszszssseee'ees
by Hoki December 22, 2005

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Used when you happen upon a particularly beautiful woman, and then skillfully using the 1-10 scale as a rating - you twist it into a different type of ending - with the meaning that you would like to fuck this woman.
Me - 'Oooh, u see that?'
U - 'Uh huh, thats real nice!'
Me - 'Rating?'
U - ' Out of 10? ... I'd give her ONE!!'
by Hoki June 17, 2004

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Too much Pubic Hair on a Woman
I thought that much curly hair only existed on someones head, it's like the muff from hell, its an afro muff
by Hoki June 17, 2004

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When something bad happens to someone else, that we secretly find amusing'ish. Or in reverse - it can be used when u are really feeling sad / bad for the shit that someone else is going thru... and u can't kinda say what u really want to.
You - "I've just found out that i have to empty my grandmothers cholostemy bags for a month"
Me " Ha, sucks to be you!!"

You - " Hey, just found out i've got leukemia"
Me - " Oh ... sucks to be you, right now"
by Hoki June 17, 2004

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