11 definitions by Hiva

A super hot, super liberal, persian girl. She is also has wonderful grammer and stuff like that, and corrects people's english, but everyone still loves her cuz she's awsome. Oh, and, she's the hottest person in existence.
Kamelia is so HOT and lovable, that even when she's crying, upset, and talking about something serious, people have a tendency to ask her if she's feeling frisky :)
by Hiva November 14, 2004
Similar to "oh damn." Can be used in many situations.
You smell like poo...OHHHHH DAMPS!@!
by Hiva November 29, 2004
A fat black person. I came up with it a while ago. You can feel free to use it as a term of endearment as well.
Vut de hex is happenin' negropotamus?
by Hiva December 7, 2004
Mouchay, nochay, chickay, chickay, FAT MOUCHAY and done.
by Hiva November 28, 2004
I love you hewter, now gimme de mouchays and chickays!@!@!
by Hiva November 28, 2004
Taking hax to the power of max. This results in a lot of "hax." Originated a while ago at Denny's after a LAN tournament. Coined by yours truly.
HAHAHAHAH, we totally haxed them to the max.
by Hiva November 28, 2004
To get something or someone in the case of a joke. This word can be used quite loosely in light-hearted contexts.
*pour coke on friend*
Oh damps, I tomagtosi'd you.
by Hiva November 29, 2004