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singular form of "Freakies", a much-loved and lost breakfast cereal from the 1970's
"We are the freakies, we are the freakies, this is our freaky tree. We never miss a meal, 'cos we eat our cereal."
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Musically, the Australian version of an (awful) Elvis impersonator; also see: "Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt"
Listening to Russell Crowe's music band, "Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt" certainly makes me wish that Russell would've simply stuck to acting.
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1. describes a very smart person
2. A forehead wrinkle (aka worry line)caused by too much deep-thinking by the aforementioned very smart person
plural: brainies
definition 2: Check out all the brainies on that dude's forehead...talk about a prime candidate for a facelift!
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Gossip was taking the place of serious literary discussion in the book club; it was turning into a real cat chat.
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