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A fairly recent combination in fashion, achieved when combining leggings and jeans.
One day some fat fashionista whose jeans were far too tight for her decided to call her super-tight jeans jeggings.

"Today I saw some really fat woman in jeggings - they made her butt look huge"
by HellzangeL13 July 30, 2009
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Spanish word, usually translated into English as "gay".


The word "mariquita" is much more harmless than calling a person "maricon" or "marica". The ending "-ita" means "little" so the word would really translate into "pansy" or "fairy", much more innocent words.
>> "Crees que Sergio es gay?"

>> "Noo, solo es un poco mariquita"


>> "Do you think Sergio is gay?"

>> "Nah, he's just a bit of a pansy"
by HellzAngeL13 August 22, 2009
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Those massive holes in peoples' ear lobes after getting them stretched to the size of their fist practically. They're pretty gross but some people think they're cool...although I think they're mentally ill.
Guy 1: OMG what is that THING in your ear?

Guy 2: its an ear gauge. Basically a massive gaping hole in my ear.

Guy 1: Eww *runs away*
by HellzAngeL13 July 31, 2009
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1- Diminutive of "puta" ( whore )
2- Word to describe girls of a young age ( 12 - 15 ) who dress like sluts and act like bitches.
1- That girl looks like a putita
2- My best friend's sister's skirt shows her knickers. She's such a putita.
by HellzAngeL13 August 02, 2009
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Fat people have double chins.

Triple obese people have TRIPLE chins.

> Extra two flaps of fat and skin that hang down and look like chins. Can also be called turkey necks, as they resemble the flap of skin turkeys have on their neck.
>Is that man a turkey?

>>No, he's just got a triple chin.

by HellzangeL13 August 09, 2009
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Pronounced "shhh-noo-sell"

1- An idiot or person with a low IQ.

2- A lame person.
1- Paris Hilton is such a schnussel

2- OMG my Maths teacher is such a schnussel
by HellzAngeL13 August 02, 2009
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Oranges cut into four quarters, which you then suck to get all the juicy bits out.
Mum: Jessy, have an orange.

Jessy: aww but they're gross.

Mum: they're full of Vitamin C

Jessy: fine, but only if its a FOOTBALL ORANGE

Mum: okay sweetie.

Jessy: mmm
by HellzAngeL13 August 02, 2009
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