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A very abnormally tOlL male speciman who has a very small ;). Also has scary scary deep male voice and likes to date girls with the same sounding names (ex. Jessie, Jaycee, Josie). Will 10/10 screw you over
Speciman 1: OH MY GOD you should totally date him !!

Speciman 2: U THOT he’s such a T-bone !! Not even close to boyfriend material
by Hehehe112 October 08, 2018

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she is a well rounded individual that likes to flip you off. she is genuine like no one else and is a very smart lady. she has got like feet like a china doll and a thicccc ass. she tends to have curly hair that is super pretty. she likes to eat ALL the time especially in bio class. when you see you just want to shout JESSICA because she is such a silly goose, she just needs to jump in the pond.
Person 1: Do you see that little puta?
Person 2: Ya why?
Person 1: That is jessie. Ain’t she thicccc.
by Hehehe112 February 23, 2020

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what I text my mans when I ask him to come over and he say “to cuddle?”
mans: wyd?
me: come overrrr ;)
mans: to cuddle?
me: nvm.
by Hehehe112 February 23, 2020

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A nickname for an adormally tall male who is known to be a player. Known to “rake all of the girls up”
Person 1. “Omg Ciara! You should totally date that guy! He seems to really like you!”

Person 2. “Oh absolutely not. He’s such a rake.
by Hehehe112 September 09, 2018

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a girl with a booty the size of 79 pineapples. and likes to wear grey and black and occasionally green...when she’s feeling SASSY
girl: omg Erin is SO THICC

boy: ikr? she must be having a good day! she’s wearing green!
by Hehehe112 November 29, 2019

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